Proposition #10 Law Enforcement Animals

If you are like me, you know more about Daenerys Targaryen’s complete family lineage that you do about all of the Constitutional Amendments you can vote on November 5th, 2019. But don’t sweat it. I got you! To brush up on your voting privileges, head to the  League of Woman Voters of Texas site, and read more about all 10 Constitutional Amendments. In this post, I will cover one of my favorite laws associated with our bravest fury friends, Prop. #10 Law Enforcement Animals.

Proposition 10 (SJR 32) “The constitutional amendment to allow the transfer of a law enforcement animal to a qualified caretaker in certain circumstances.”

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So what exactly does this mean?

Proposition 10 would allow law enforcement animals to retire, and their former handlers or other qualified caretakers to adopt them with no fee. Law enforcement animals are currently considered as surplus property of the county, which means the county can only auction, donate, or destroy them. Proposition 10 would change the property laws to allow the animals to retire and be transferred to their original handler or another qualified caretaker with no adoption fee. 

Arguments For

  • Proposition 10 would ensure the wellbeing of law enforcement animals in their later years by allowing them to retire.
  • Proposition 10 would remove the legally required fee for law enforcement officers, or other qualified caretakers, who generally adopt their own retired law enforcement animals.
  • Proposition 10 recognizes the longstanding bond developed between a law enforcement animal and the animal’s handler, a bond that would be ignored in a government auction.

Arguments Against

  • Proposition 10 may reduce state income. A government auction might raise more money than the free adoption of a law enforcement animal.
  • If the animal’s handler retires before the animal is ready to retire, it might be difficult to determine which of the animal’s handlers had priority.
  • It is unfortunate that such a common sense action would require a constitutional amendment.

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