We found our favorite dog treat

Last month the dogs and I attended the Austin Pet Expo. We loved it! This was our third year in a row. I learn about so many new shops and services for my pups, while they enjoy the never-ending overflow of free treats. This year tho, one specific treat got the most attention from my little critics’ palates.  Melba & Hazel ‘America’s Best Dog Treat’ (as it reads on their website (and we agree!)) are a family-owned business from Incline Village, NV.

I stopped and talked to the owners while Sookie and Angel tasted what was about to become a staple in my household. Since I noticed right away how much they loved it, I got a bag for them. I bought the 100% Lean Ground Turkey.  I really appreciate the simplicity of their products. They carry four different products in three sizes and made with just one ingredient. All treats are free of preservatives, additives or fillers and contain no sugars or artificial sweeteners.

Back home I gave my little munchkins what is now their favorite treat and headed out the door to run a few errands. When I got back home I was shocked by what I found. Little Miss Angel got on my dinner table, grabbed the bag of treats, chewed the bag open and between her and Sookie finished the whole bag. A new bag of treats! First of all, I always put their treats on the dinner table and they have never done anything like this. Second I was very concerned they would get sick. Thankfully they were fine. This shows the quality of the product.


Photos of the aftermath

So I did what any good mom would’ve done. I got online and bought my babies a new bag. On checkout, I decided to share the story about the Grand Theft Pawtners, which Melba & Hazel then shared with their followers on Facebook.

Now I’m doing what any good friend does when they find their favorite <insert anything here>. I am sharing with my Dog512 family! First I contacted Melba & Hazel, who very kindly offered my followers 10% off using coupon code “DOG512” at checkout until August 5, 2019. They also offer 2-day FREE shipping!!! So be the best dog mom today and get some delish (and healthy!) treats to your pups. You can thank me later 😉