Ruff High Winter Formal

Back in September 2017, Krista from Ruff Adventures came up with the crazy, magnificent idea of Ruff High. Ruff High was a way to showcase all of the adorable dogs of Austin, TX. To do this, she put on multiple events pretty much everywhere in Austin and took photos of dogs for the Ruff High 2017-2018 class yearbook. This yearbook will feature more than 150 Austin dogs. Everyone in Austin was invited to buy a spot for their dogs to be part of this project, and all the proceeds will go to Austin Pets Alive! and Bailing Out Benji. The yearbook will also feature Long Stay Dogs from Austin Pets Alive! to help find these adorable dogs a forever home. Long stay dogs are dogs that have been in the shelter for more than 300 days.

Last night was the most anticipated Ruff Adventures Winter Formal at Scholz Garten. This was the closing event in this huge project Krista started planning back in September. The Winter Formal was the night where the yearbook was finally going to be revealed. I obviously got Sookie a spot in the book, so I was super excited to attend the event and see her photo. The Winter Formal was 80’s & 90’s themed. I basically need no excuse to dress up, so I was immediately stoked. I decided to go with the 90’s Punk Princess look. I wore a black and pink “prom-like” dress, with an oversized jean jacket and combat boots. I also added a little tiara to be more “princessy”. For Sookie, her bestie Freya let her borrow a dress with a pink tutu skirt. We added a black t-shirt, jean jacket, and a little tiara. I knew there was going to be a contest for “best dress” and “best matching duo”, so we were hoping for some prizes 😉.

I got there around 6:20 pm. The place looked amazing! The decorations, the music, and the outfits all made me feel like I was transported back in time. And the dogs didn’t disappoint. Everyone wore their best 80’s and 90’s attires. There were lots of vendors on-site and a good ol’ giphy booth (we all love those). All of Sookie’s friends were there looking fabulous!

I was pleased to know that Sookie and her BFF Freya won the superlative “Sisterhood of the traveling poop bags”! You know the old saying, friends who poop togeth… that’s not how it goes? 😊  Other superlative winners were: Princess Buttercup “Life of the Party/Social Butterfly”, Frank “Most Photogenic”, Freddy Pickles “Leader of the Pack” and Rocco “Best Smile”. Get the Yearbook to see the rest of the cuteness here.

The surprise of the night was when they called for King and Queen of the Winter Formal. I was so excited when Kaxan was announced King. I love Kaxan. He is a true advocate for the dog community in Austin. Plus, he’s super cute and the best thing at the news if you ask me. When Sookie’s name was called for Queen I almost lost it. My baby? Queen?! I mean, duh! She’s the queen of my heart, but I didn’t see that coming in a million years. I was so so proud. That literally was the cherry on top of a magical and fun night.